Keeping European Boomers At Home – A Solution For Covid And Climate Change ?

By now, most Europeans are starting to realize that the slow rollout of the vaccine will make sure that the youth can forget about summer vacations, festivals or any sort of return to a normal life. On top of that, their student jobs, entry jobs and first in first out principles will make sure that this generation will be hit with an economic depression the likes of which the world hasn’t seen in the past decades. Although the 2007-2008 financial crisis was harsh, by 2009 the recovery could begin. Most economists agree that for Covid, the depression still has to start, and will only do so when government stimulus stops and the bill has to be paid.

The only strange thing is that there is a buck which is being passed on through generations which is highly unfair, both when it comes to Covid and Climate Change. Even the New York Times admitted in it’s reporting on Spain’s youth protests this week that the burden is carried disproportionately.

The EU decision makers in Brussels and most members of national government in the 27 EU member states are the ones responsible for the slow rollout of the vaccine and for the non-response of the bloc to climate change. Most decision makers are of the 50-plus generation which is both the biggest victim of the Covid-19 pandemic and the biggest emitter of climate change (mostly through their SUVs, a car primarily bought by fat people (see this article explaining it), and their real estate ownership).

As this is such and the youth, which gets hit by Covid’s econmic effects but not by its disease, can ill afford a car or a house, a logic question arises : what if we would just keep Boomers locked indoors until everyone is vaccinated whilst the rest of us enjoys normal life ?

Solve covid and climate change?

Most agree that Boomers have a house where they can stay and that they are the generation which needs most protection from Covid. Most also agree that Boomers can afford to stay at home and that their generation is the one suffering disproportionately from obesity (a known Covid-19 factor for ending up in IC beds). According to most studies, almost 80% of people in IC-beds are obese over 50-year-olds.

If that is so, and all EU governments have stopped sharing which generations end up in hospital since a few months because of this fact, isn’t it time that a reverse policy be introduced, which would help both Covid-19 and climate change ?

If you can lower emissions and protect all those ‘vulnerable’ to Covid by asking them to stay indoors whilst saving the economy…. Why don’t you ?

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