UK Cop Uses Police Helicopter To Spy On Model

Three years after the conviction of a British police officer who used the traffic helicopter to film couples making out in their backyard, one of his victims has reached a settlement with South Yorkshire Police, Officer Adrian Pogmore’s employer.

Former model Tracy Dixon (54), who regularly graced the “Page 3” of tabloid The Sun in her twenties, found that her privacy had been violated by the police force. The woman wanted to know how many times Pogmore, 53, had flown the helicopter above her backyard.

Naked sunbathing

The lack of an answer to this caused her a lot of stress. She saw no alternative but to take legal action and claim damages of £ 2,000. It is not clear whether she will actually receive this amount.

Rather than registering the license plates of suspicious vehicles in and around Sheffield, Pogmore preferred to film couples making out on their patio during working hours. The facts themselves date from 2007 and 2008. Proceedings were not brought to a trial until ten years later. The officer confessed to four cases of misconduct in the course of his office and was sentenced to one year in prison in August 2017. The police chief dropped him at the door. Colleagues described him as “the odd one out” and “a sex obsessed observer”.

Dixon was no accidental victim of the cop. The two had attended the same school in the town of Rotherham. As a policeman he could find out where the woman lived. She stated in previous interviews that Pogmore would fly above her house up to three times a week during the summer while sunbathing naked with her two adolescent daughters.

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