Is Diana The Moral Winner of ‘The Crown’?

Of course there is no such thing as bad publicity and thus CEO Reed Hastings must be smirking at seeing so much press surrounding the fact that Netflix should stress that ‘The Crown’ is a work of fiction. As more and more people watch it and relive the horror story that was Princess Diana’s time at Buckingham Palace, it is said the UK government is under increasing stress from the Royals to drift attention elsewhere.

Diana famously admitted that ‘there were three of us in that marriage’ and thus most people know all too well that the portrayal by Netflix is not too far off when it comes to Prince Charles’ liaison with Camilla Parker-Bowles, whether during or after his marriage to Diana.

Of course, given that there was already an outpouring of grief and sympathy when Diana passed in that fatal night in Paris, the Royal households must not want to make the same mistake twice and be seen as unhinged.

But many do wonder whether, with a kingship of Charles awaiting sooner rather than later, the next seasons of the series might not come at the worst time possible.

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