New Monolith Mystery As Doppelganger Appears

The monolith discovered in the Utah desert some two weeks ago remains a mystery (much like the one in Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001). An ever greater enigma almost is where it has disappeared to and who took it since. Furthermore, a doppelganger has now popped up as well, this time in Europe, in Romania to be exact.

A meter-long metal column was first spotted on a hill near the town of Piatra Neamt in the northeast last week. Just like in Utah, it is not known who installed the structure. Aliens, an artist or just the local tourism board perhaps?

News of the American monolith went around the world. Without the now world-famous construction, we suspect there would be no question of the Romanian column. You just have to forge the iron when it is hot.

Even now the structure is made of metal. The difference is that the Romanian version does not have a smooth even surface. The triangular column is also less wide at the bottom than at the top.

The pillar in Utah was probably removed by strangers in the evening of Friday, November 27. Officials from the Department of Public Security discovered the structure by accident on November 18. They flew over the desert in a helicopter looking for sheep. The exact location was kept a secret, but soon the first curious people appeared on the scene.

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