Is ‘Princess Nut Nuts’ Carrie Symonds Machiavelli Or A Dreamer?

You mean Baroness Batshit knows we’ve been calling her Princess Nut Nuts? Yes, Countess Cabbage Brain found out.

The Spitting Image clip in which Boris Johnson and his main Brexit advisor Dominic Cummings discuss the latter’s dismissal really opens like this. And yes, the main British newspapers all cast titles carrying Princess Nut Nuts in it, apparently the nickname of the British Prime Minister’s fiancée, Carrie Symonds.

Most comments on social media discussing the dismissal of Cummings claimed afterwards that 50,000 deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic were perfectly acceptable, but that anyone calling Carrie Symonds a ridiculous nickname was not.

One of the commenters stated: Things which are acceptable: -50,000+ deaths -letting vulnerable children go hungry -giving lucrative contracts to your mates -driving to Barnard Castle to test your eyesight Things which are not acceptable: -calling Carrie Symonds Princess Nut Nuts

US Election

It was always clear that as soon as US President Trump lost the election, Boris Johnson would have a hard time keeping the track of his government as right-wing as it was before, and knowing that Carrie has Boris’ ear, this was indeed a difficult period for Mr Cummings.

A former minister who didn’t want to be named, recently admitted in The Guardian newspaper that Ms Symonds has a bit more up her sleeve than many think, stating: “People are jealous of her because she had a successful career in politics before she was ever Boris’s girlfriend. She’s young, clever, a woman with opinions who isn’t afraid to voice them, and some people are looking for a convenient person to blame for decisions they don’t like.”

Of course with all this movement, the British population is starting to wonder whether Ms Symonds is the puppeteer now ruling Mr Johnson’s reins or whether it’s the other way round.

One thing that’s for sure it that sure was a funny nickname though.

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