Release The Kraken Conspiracy – What Is It ?

You may have seen that after the ‘QFS Blockchain’ conspiracy (debunked by Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson) and the ‘Dominion Voting’ conspiracy, the latest weapon in the Trump fans’ arsenal is the ‘Release the Kraken’ conspiracy. What is this plan that so many QAnon fans seem to be raving about ?

Michael Flynn

US lawyer Ms Sidney Powell, who worked for Trump’s team directly until she decided to continue alone, claimed she would be putting together a file that, if released, would totally demolish any proof for Democrat Joe Biden having won the 2020 presidential election. Supporters claimed it would be like ‘releasing the kraken’ (a term that refers to a mythical sea monster first found in Scandinavian and Norse legends whereby a giant octopus rose from the deep to devour ships) and Ms Powell quickly took over the term herself.

Flynn pardoned

Afterwards, when General Michael Flynn, a longtime chess piece in the global QAnon conspiracy, was pardoned by US President Trump as one of his final acts in office, many on the QAnon conspiracy boards claimed that Flynn was the ‘Kraken’ himself and that he would be revealing everything when allowed to do an interview on US television.

However, there is no mention of him in Ms Powell’s 104 page suit which she claims would be of ‘Biblical’ proportions. instead it tells of the ‘Dominion’ voting conspiracy and how that software system made sure some virtual ballot-stuffing was passed through its electronic voting computers. Furthermore, it alleges that the US government did the same thing that former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez did back in the day, and destroy his vote manipulations from any possible future audits.

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