Jewish Weddings And Covid-19 Lockdowns: Science Versus Religion ?

For a group that is historically fearful of being targeted by others, the Jewish community has not been in the news very positive during 2020 lockdowns. In the past week, two news stories, one from Europe and one from the US, showed the disrespect of the Jewish community to obey lockdown rules implemented by local governments. It this the ultimate standoff between religion and science ?

New York

A video showing some 7,000 unmasked attendees in a Hasidic synagogue in New York City has gone viral over the past few days. After the community stood out as a cluster of infections during the first wave of the pandemic, New York officials were keen not to have it targeted.

By now, it becomes clear that there was a clear violation of the rules on the coronavirus restrictions which ban such large gatherings. It is said that the secret event was a weddign for a chief rabbi’s grandson.

Perhaps those guys are immune ?


In Antwerp, Belgium, this week the local police stopped a party in a building in the Jewish quarter, where around 120 people were probably present. The number of people caught on the spot was limited because many revelers were able to quickly flee the room in question before the police entered. About thirty people were identified and received an official report with a view to immediate summons by the public prosecutor.

Drinks and food were left on the tables, in the kitchen the pots were still on the fire and the ovens were still working. For the sake of safety, the police turned off the stoves and turned off the ovens.

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