Demi Lovato’s Turning Turkey Fortunes

“Our turkeys were so happy to meet Demi!” America’s shelter organization Farm Sanctuary wrote on Facebook last month. The photo showed singer Demi Lovato, smiling, cuddling a turkey in her lap.

The feeling was mutual, as her words on Instagram showed. “I spent the day with animals rescued from cruelty,” Demi told her 93 million followers on social media.

“The highlight was cuddling with the rescued turkey Sandy.” The singer was almost unable to understand how forgiving the animals turned out to be. “They had to learn to trust people after what they had been through. Their resilience is great! “

She also called on her fans to symbolically adopt a turkey, an important goal of the organization. Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary has been trying to get people to stop eating turkey with the “adopt a turkey” project. After all, 46 million of the birds are slaughtered every year, just for Thanksgiving, according to the organization.

Despite Demi’s sympathy, a roast one ended up on her plate last week. “I am grateful to all of you,” the singer wrote in her Instagram Stories with a snapshot of a turkey in a roasting pan.

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