Obesity And Covid-19 Leadership – An Unsettling Realization

In the coming years, many books are sure to be written about the Covid-19 pandemic and how it was handled. Although New Zealand might look like an easy winner at this point, many will rightfully claim that its island status certainly helped. However, if that’s true then the UK should have had a lower percentage of deaths per population as well, shouldn’t they.

There is however one more fact that is becoming quite obvious as time goes on, a fact that many in the worldwide media fear to mention in this day and age of metoo and not wanting to upset anyone. It is becoming quite clear that there is a link between obesity and covid-19. The disease hits harder with those who have an unhealthy lifestyle, and thus it also becomes clear that any country led in its Covid-19 effort by an obese person is seeing more deaths than others. Preventable deaths in my view if they would have been lead by someone that presents himself as an ideal of sport, healthy living and lean eating.

It is therefore unsettling that the following countries have not taken measures between the first and second wave to promote healthier living, more sports and leaner eating.

According to data from Johns Hopkins, Belgium ranks first in most deather per 100k population, the UK fifth and the US seventh.

USA – Donald Trump (247,000 deaths – 328 million population)

‘Mr McNuggets’ did himself catch Covid-19 and was helped by an expert team of doctors who pumped him so full off steroids and experimental drugs that he was quickly back on his feet again. Although it could be argued that a nationwide lockdown between the various waves would have helped, a leadership style focused on healthier living could have been beneficial. Expect court cases to mention this in the future.

Belgium – Marc Van Ranst (14,000 deaths – 11 million population)

Although Belgium went through 2 prime ministers between the first and second wave, it is clear that chief virologist Marc Van Ranst is the de facto Covid-19 leader for the Belgian population. The country known for beer, fries and chocolate has the most deaths per 100,000 population in the world and it is to be argued that hundreds of deaths could have been avoided during the second wave if Mr Van Ranst would have promoted a healthier lifestyle in the months in between waves.

The fact that an obese man is daily portrayed as the chief virologist in the country that never actually wondered as to why it has so many deaths, is highly regrettable. Court cases where leadership style is blamed for deaths would be new in Europe, but the Johns Hopkins data is certainly something to work with.

UK – Boris Johnson (52,000 deaths – 66 million population)

Although Boris vowed to get rid of his ‘forever fat’ body after his visit to a UK hospital for Covid, he appears back to his old form. In between waves he did briefly push for healthier eating and living, but quickly abandoned this plan when he noticed the unpopularity of the measure. You may wonder how many people would have followed the advice of, for example, David Cameron instead if he had promoted healthier lifestyle choices.

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