Million MAGA March Turns Violent

Tens of thousands of supporters of US President Donald Trump took to the streets in Washington DC on Saturday. The participants wanted to show during the “Million MAGA March” that they refuse to accept the US election results and that they remain behind current President Trump. From his armored limo, the president waved to his supporters. In the beginning everything went peacefully, but after that the tension could be cut. There were some skirmishes and twenty people were arrested, according to the police.

Videos show the escort with the president driving past the protesters in a square near the White House and the supporters running to the road to see Trump. The president had said before that he would try to visit his supporters and so he has kept that promise.

The president’s motorcade was welcomed with loud cheers by his followers. They took pictures and raised their fists in the air holding signs saying “Best President Ever” and “Stop Stealing” in reference to the votes Biden allegedly stole.

Picture credit: Twitter @hopelesslibtard

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