James Woods: Fox News Is ‘New to Fake News Cabal’

One of the more important casualties of the US election is certainly Fox News, that has lost many of the loyal Trump fans after they were quite quick to call the result for his opponent Joe Biden. It would appear members of the Trump family spent multiple hours during the days after the election trying to convince members of the Murdoch family to retract Fox’s statement. Ultimately it appeared that Fox had accepted that Trump lost and if there is one thing that the current US President hates above all else it is disloyalty.

OAN versus Fox

Because of this, he’s been touting other channels to his supporters, such as OAN, for weeks and months already. Still the fact that Fox News chose to immediately side with the Democrats came as a surprise to many on the Trump side.

Some of his supporters have now turned to Fox News bashing as well, which is strange as they’ve religiously stood by the channel before.

One of them is ardent Trump supporters James Woods who claimed that it is no surprise that watching Fox News nowadays is quite weird, because they are ‘New to Fake News Cabal’.

Sounds like the losers of the US election are going through all five phases of grief quite slowly.

Picture credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:FOX_News_Channel_Stand.jpg

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