Obama: Republicans On A ‘Dangerous Path’ By Not Conceding Election

Former US President Barack Obama has made serious allegations against Republicans who, despite their electoral defeat, continue to support incumbent President Donald Trump.

What worries him more than the baseless allegations of electoral fraud is the fact that other Republicans are participating against their better judgment. Obama says this in pre-published excerpts from an interview with the interview program 60 Minutes that CBS News wants to broadcast in full on Sunday. “It is the next step to deny legitimacy not only to the new Biden government, but also to democracy as a whole. And that is a dangerous path. ”

Trump has not yet admitted his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden and presents himself as a victim of systematic electoral fraud, although there is no evidence of that. Commenting on Trump’s claims, Obama said, “In part, the reason seems to be that the president doesn’t like losses and never admits defeat.”

January runoff

So far, few Republicans have publicly recognized Biden as the winner of the election. Rather, the party’s leaders – such as Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell – are backing Trump’s attempts to challenge Biden’s victory.

Most of them fear to lose Trump’s support, which they need during a Senate runoff election January. If Republicans were to lose that election, they could lose control of the Senate.


At the same time, the widow of former Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, congratuled Biden. Cindy McCain stated : Congrats to Joe Biden for carrying my home state of Arizona. I am so proud of Arizonans for showing up in record numbers to make their voices heard. Thank you to the election workers who ensured a fair and honest process. Let’s get to work!

Picture credit: https://www.pickpik.com/barack-obama-iphone-smile-relaxed-technology-business-115299

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