Melania ‘Counting Down Until She Can Divorce’

According to a former employee of US President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania (50) could not wait to leave the White House and she has good reason for that. “She is counting down every minute until her husband is no longer president and she can file for divorce,” said Omarosa Manigault Newman.

Omarosa was appointed by President Trump as communications director of the Office for Public Connections and Intergovernmental Affairs in early 2017 and held that position for a year. In August 2018, she released a controversial book about her time in the White House – Unhinged – which the White House described as “full of lies.” Just before the publication, she also revealed that she had secretly recorded confidential conversations with the president and his chief of staff.

It is not clear whether Omarosa is currently close enough to Melania to know how she feels, but she gives that impression in the Daily Mail. According to her, Melania would like to divorce as soon as her husband is no longer president and that moment cannot come soon enough. “If she were to do him the ultimate humiliation and leave him while he is still president, he would certainly find a way to punish her,” she claims.

The many films in which Melania appears to be hitting or pushing her husband’s hand on official occasions and her frequent absences added fuel to the fire.

According to one of Melania’s former best friends – Stephanie Winston Wolkoff – Melania spent several months in New York to renegotiate her marriage contract early in Trump’s presidency. Among other things, she wanted their son Barron to receive the same part of the family fortune as his half-brothers and half-sisters. Everything seems like she got what she asked for, on the condition that she would remain married as long as Trump was president.

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