Kirstie Alley In Trump Loss Meltdown

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but for Democratic supporters on social media that bides untrue. After it became clear that Joe Biden was set to become the new US President, the jokes started rolling in. A particularly good one is people calling in on Rudy Giuliani’s hotline to report voter fraud and then claiming they saw the Hamburglar.

Another is watching several high profile Trump supporters lose their sh*t on the internet. Just before the election date, actress Kirstie Alley had proudly announced that she was one of the only US celebrities who openly admitted to voting for Donald Trump.

Now that it becomes quite obvious he lost the race and is unwilling to concede (a US political tradition), Kirstie is screaming ‘unfair’ to all those who want to hear it. Problem is that about 90% of her followers are mocking her for it.

Kirstie said: C’mon!! All the known, before the election,  swing states are the ones having trouble and not able to count in one day?! .. That doesn’t raise questions with anyone other than Trump voters? Come on now.. C’mon. Cooooooooome oooooooooon

Picture credit: Nicholas Andrew on Flickr

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