Will Twitter ‘Fire’ Trump If He’s No Longer President?

US President Donald Trump rose to fame by using his known ‘you’re fired’ tagline on the Apprentice, the show that made him a household name around the world. It is now possible that Twitter, the social media network owned by CEO Jack Dorsey, who previously admitted that his personnel was a tad more leftwing, will do just that to Trump is he’s no longer President.

World Leaders

According to various media reports, Twitter would immediately remove the “special treatment” it affords President Trump as a world leader, in the event of Joe Biden winning the presidency.

In June of this year, Twitter updated its 2019 policy as to the treatment of ‘World Leaders’ and their social media channels. Knowing the power it wields in the world today, the social media company from Silicon Valley made sure there was legal coverage for its actions. It stated:

This post seeks to provide clear insight into how we address content from world leaders on Twitter today, and will serve as our statement on the decisions we make, rather than our teams providing feedback on individual Tweets and decisions. We’ve also updated our dedicated Help Center page to provide a significantly more detailed breakdown of how we make decisions regarding the use of the public interest notice.

In the past few days, as President Trump claims that the result of the US Presidential Elections is rigged, Twitter has decided to hide several of his tweets from view. If he indeed loses the US election and is thus no longer President as from 2021, Twitter could indeed decide to ‘fire him’.

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