Who Killed Russian ‘Sausage King’ In Private Sauna?

Masked burglars today murdered Russian meat magnate Vladimir Marugov, also known as the ‘Sausage King’, with a crossbow. The murder happened in a sauna on his estate outside of Moscow in the early hours of the day, The Moscow Times reported. Rumors claim that the man was also tortured to death though police did not confirm this.

Russian social media claims he was tied up and tortured ‘for an hour’ after being shot as his assailants sought to extract information from him.

Tied up in the sauna

Marugov and his partner were in an outdoor sauna on the estate about 25 miles west of the capital when the attack occurred, the Russian newspaper said. Reuters news agency reported that the Russian and the woman were tied up in the sauna by the intruders and asked for money. After that Marugov was shot with the crossbow. The woman managed to escape through the window and call the police from the neighbor’s house.

When the police and forensic experts arrived, they found Marugov dead in the sauna, along with the bow with which he was shot.

The killers escaped in a car that was later found in a nearby village during a search. It is not yet clear who is behind the attack.

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