Why Did UK’s Labour Suspend Jeremy Corbyn?

Former British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended for his response to an investigation report. That report states that too little has been done under his leadership to prevent anti-Semitism within the party. Corbyn continues to deny the accusations.

The Labour Party has been repeatedly accused of anti-Semitism since Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership in 2016. According to the UK anti-discrimination agency, the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (EHRC), the party has done too little to eradicate this and lacked leadership in that area.

Despite seeing improvements within the Labour Party, the committee concludes that anti-Semitism could have been better addressed if the leadership had taken action. “Because of the culture within the party, not enough was done to prevent anti-Semitism and at worst it was even accepted.” The commission says the party has acted unlawfully and requires Labor to draw up an action plan within six weeks to improve its approach to anti-Semitism.

“Not part of the problem”

The Labour Party has suspended former party leader Corbyn for his responses to the report and is under investigation. Corbyn is said to have told a Sky News reporter before his suspension that he was “not part of the problem” and “did not feel” that he “failed.”

The new party leader Keir Starmer has committed to fully implement the recommendations in the report. He recently fired a prominent MP for anti-Semitism. Starmer called the report clear and strong. He apologized and promised that under his leadership there is no longer any place for anti-Semitism within the party.

In recent years, Labor has been repeatedly discredited for its attitude towards Jews. For that reason, nine parliamentarians left the party last year. The EHCR announced in May last year that it was investigating anti-Semitism within the opposition party after several complaints were received. Corbyn has always denied these allegations.

Pictured credit: Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0

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