Who Is ‘Medieval Man’ Killing 2 In Quebec On Halloween? (Video)

Two people have been killed in stabbing in downtown Quebec in eastern Canada. At least five people were injured and one suspect has been arrested, Canadian media reports.

According to the French-language newspaper Le Soleil, the man “slaughtered” his first victim around 10 pm local time in the area of ​​Grand Hotel Château Frontenac. He did that with a saber. Witnesses calling 911 reported that the perpetrator was wearing “medieval” clothing. Near the Quebec region’s parliament, he killed six more, one of whom died. Nothing has yet been announced about the condition of the injured.

On Twitter a video is circulating of the alleged killer.

The police arrested a suspect at the old harbor around 1 a.m. after a manhunt. It is about a twenties. According to the newspaper, it is not yet clear whether it is an acquaintance of the police.

The suspect’s car was reportedly found near the Grand Hotel. In the car were the scabbard of the sword and some jerry cans of gasoline. Police asked residents of the city to stay indoors and keep the windows and doors locked.

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