Indian Police Arrest Two In ‘Aladdin Lamp’ Scam

Indian police have arrested two men accused of defrauding many with the use of a “miracle lamp” that supposedly conjured a ghost. A doctor went to the police in Uttar Pradesh because he allegedly had been duped for about six million rupees (80,000 euros / 100,000 dollars).

“Ikramuddin told me that he has a magical lamp made of gold and weighs around 5kg and Ginie resides in it. He told me it costs Rs 1.75 crore but is willing to give me Rs 70 lakh. He said the lamp is magical and all my wishes will come true but I have to keep it locked in a box for two years or else some untoward incident will happen with my family,” the doctor said in his complaint.

The victim said one of the men pretended to summon a Djinn, a supernatural being. The doctor was then allowed to buy the magic lamp. It would bring him happiness and wealth and good health. He didn’t realize until later that the Djinn was a con man in disguise, local media reports.

“The men have also defrauded other families using the same method,” a senior police officer told the AFP news agency. They would have taken millions of rupees from their victims. “The wife of one of these men is also involved in the fraud. She is still on the run.”

Picture credit: Wikimedia Commons (Jasmine in Aladdin musical at Disney California Adventure)

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