Who is behind QAnon?

The QAnon conspiracy theory has gone global if you hadn’t noticed it as of late. The basic outline of the theory is like this: Hollywood and the Democratic leadership are all part of a global cabal of satan worshippers who try to make themselves stronger by drinking the blood of children. Let’s see how we got here.

2016 start

It all started in 2016 during the election process. As soon as it became clear that Donald Trump would be the candidate for the Republicans, a theory called Pizzagate started trending. It had as it’s baseline plot the premise that some of the Democratic leadership (including then candidate Hillary Clinton) and several Hollywood stars were part of a satanic worshipping cult that tried to insert themselves with the blood of young children to give themselves eternal (or at least longer) life. Jeffrey Epstein was said to be part of the cult and provided the children.

Some of the kids were supposedly stashed in the cellar of a pizza place, which in fact had no cellar in the end. Pizza is allegedly code for pedophile and cheese means children. Hence an order for a cheese pizza was supposed to be a pedophile needing a child, all in code and encrypted of course.

The man who brought the conspiracy to light was an unknown figure who posted messages on 8Chan, a now defunct message board that has been replaced by 8Kun.

Rumor on 8Chan back in 2016 was that Q was a military operator who tried to bring this all to light and reveal the truth to the ‘real people’.


Of course, George Soros, the Jewish Hungarian-American billionaire who secretly finances the Democratic party is behind the whole cabal and Q is simply trying to bring it all to light.

QAnon followers believe that Trump will eventually ‘save all the children’ and reveal the truth. He will do this by ‘draining the swamp’ of Washington DC politics.

Gates and vaccines

As Trump’s presidency (or his first term at the time of writing) draws to a close, the QAnon supporters have a new conspiracy to play with. According to them Silicon Valley has now also entered the cabal of satan worshippers. None other than Bill Gates is developing a vaccine against Covid-19 with ulterior motives. The Gates vaccine contains small mind-controlling robots called nanobots which will control the human population.

So, who is behind the QAnon? Well, Fredrick Brennan, former founder of 8Chan has repeatedly made the claim to know this. I suggest you all ask him.

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