Is There A New Die Hard With Bruce Willis In 2020?

If you see that Die Hard is trending on social media today, or you see Bruce Willis reprising his iconic role as John McLane, you may think that a new film will be out soon. You would be wrong though, as the only thing that is being remade is a Die Hard ….. battery ad.

In an ad for Advance Auto Parts, we see the first ever commercial featuring Willis as his John McClane character. asked about the 2-minute short flick, Bruce stated: “I’ve never done any sort of commercial with the John McClane character, but brought an idea to integrate DieHard the battery into the ‘Die Hard’ story through a short film that’s authentic to McClane and both brands,”

“Advance approached this like a motion picture—the script is clever, the production intense and the spot is entertaining.”

The long advertisement was first shown on Sunday 18 October during an NFL game between Green Bay and Tampa Bay. As the character and the lines of the original Die Hard move are so well known, it quickly started trending online. We can all be sure that Die Hard and Hans Gruber will be picked up on streaming services again this week.

Picture credit: Gage Skidmore for Wikipedia Commons

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