Installing A Personal Ringtone On iPhone?

Although your iPhone possesses a large library of ringtones and various styles, you may not always find what you want as a personal ringtone for the device you use most during your day. Fortunately, it is possible to choose and import a customized melody very quickly.

Since many updates now, it is no longer possible to select custom music as a ringtone on your iPhone. The only options now available are to either purchase paid music through the iTunes Store or select a ringtone provided by Apple. However, these are far too impersonal or may not be what the user wants.

MP3 format

However, it is possible to import a melody yourself. The method is certainly more complicated, but it allows you to benefit from a much more personalized ringtone that suits you better. To do this, all you need is a computer, Mac or PC, your iPhone and its charging cable.

First, you have to select the melody you want to import as a ringtone to your iPhone. This must first be in MP3 format and be on your computer. Then import it into your iTunes / Music library, either by dragging it into the library window, or by clicking File then Add file to library.

In your iTunes library, right-click previously imported music, then click Song Info. Head to the Options tab, where you will need to prune your audio file. So add the time you want the ringing to start, in this format: MM: SS. Do the same for the end of the audio, and make sure your ringtone does not exceed 30 seconds. Then press OK.

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