Italian Uproar Over Free ‘Mafia City’ Mobile Game

Uproar in Italy after thousands of youngsters downloaded the ‘Mafia City’ game on their mobiles. According to local politicians, the game promotes and even glamorizes the Mafia lifestyle.

The Mafia City game is all about drug deals, liquidations, bribery and prostitutes. The goal of the player is to become the highest Mafia boss, the capo dei capi.

A recent online marketing campaign rubbed Italian politician Carmelo Miceli the wrong way. He says the game is a “sneaky form of mafia propaganda” and wants it banned altogether.

Miceli has asked parliamentary questions about the game, which has more than 1.5 million fans on Facebook. As Sicilian and a member of the parliamentary committee against the Mafia, Miceli says he does not accept the game being downloaded in Italy itself. “I want to know how it is possible for such an immoral game to circulate on social media for free.”


Mafia City can be played on both Android and iOs and indeed it can be downloaded for free. Gamers are moderately enthusiastic about it on the internet. The game from the Chinese producer Yotta Games has been around for several years. An extensive online marketing campaign in 2017 was also controversial.

It is not the first time that protests have been made in Italy against mafia games. For example, the Forza Italia party reacted in 2004 against the arrival of the game Mafia: Lost City of Heaven.

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