Viral Russian Covid Nurse Gains Modeling Contract

Nadia Zhukova went viral last month, as she was pictured checking the Covid-19 symptoms of patients in a Russian hospital. The reason that Miss Zhukova was pictured allover the world was that she decided to wear her plastic protective clothing with not much else underneath.

A colleague of hers took the picture which clearly showed that the elderly patients at her ward didn’t seem to mind the young nurse strolling around in her underwear with see-through plastic garments over it.

Russian sports brand

By now, all the attention has landed Nadia a modelling contract with a Russian sports brand.

Exactly a month after a photo of her went viral, she is back in the news. At first it turned out that she might be fired, but after defending herself and explaining she didn’t take the picture or put it on social media, she was allowed to keep her job as a nurse.

And that’s not the only good news Nadia has to report. She also says that, in addition to her work as a nurse, she is now employed as a model for ZASport, a Russian brand that sells sportswear.

In an interview on the ZASport website she says that she still does not know how that photo could go viral so quickly. “I remember that I returned home after my shift and that people were already sharing the link to the story with me.”

Colleague had taken photo

It turns out that a colleague of hers had taken the photo. “I immediately recognized myself and immediately closed my social media. I wasn’t ready for that much attention,” she claims

Now that the storm has subsided, she starts working as a model in combination with her day job as a nurse.

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