Germany Shocked As Stuttgart Looters Attack Police

Police in the German city of Stuttgart made at least twenty arrests in the night from Saturday to Sunday after large groups could be seen rioting and looting in the city center. The German media is clearly shocked as all front pages make reference to the events.

Several officers were apparently injured in the riots although the German government has not informed thus far how many were hurt.

According to a police spokesman, the ‘situation had got completely out of hand’.

The front page of Bild today (the largest Newspaper in Germany)

Videos are swirling on German social media showing groups of rioters and looters breaking police vehicles whilst shouting ‘fuck the police’ and ‘fuck the system.’

The State Premier for the province of Baden-Württemberg, Mr Winfried Kretschmann, strongly condemned the violence, which was unprecedented: “I sharply condemn this brutal outbreak of violence, these acts against people and things are criminal actions that must be forcefully prosecuted and condemned.”

Around midnight, hundreds of people gathered in the center. Videos show how police officers and police cars were pelted with stones by smaller groups.

Shop windows were also vandalized and looted. At least two hundred police officers from the neighborhood came to Stuttgart to support the police. The situation was under control again around 3 am.

It is not yet known what caused the riots. According to German media, the reason was a drug control in the city. The police are still investigating and will provide more information later in the day.

Mayor Fritz Kuhn said on Twitter: ‘I am shocked by the outbreak of violence, the attacks on the police and the destruction in our city. It’s a sad Sunday for Stuttgart. We are carefully analyzing what is happening. One thing must be clear: there must be no lawlessness in Stuttgart.’

Stuttgart lies in the southwest of Germany. It is known as the home of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. It is the sixth largest city of the country.

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