How Many European Royals Attended Illegal Covid-Infested Lockdown Party?

Royal houses in Europe are afraid to open newspapers in the coming days after Spanish and Belgian press started to unravel the details of an illegal lockdown party which took place in Cordoba, Spain. In attendance were 27 artistocrats apparently.

As one Belgian prince, the nephew of the Belgian king, admitted to have contracted Covid-19 at the party, the press has been notified that the 27 people in attendance, (gatherings of over 15 are illegal in Spain under current lockdown restrictions) all have had to be quarantined.

Everyone in attendance could be fined $11,100 under current Spanish regulations.

Una Fiesta Ilegal

It will be interesting to see in the society newspapers who is missing from European royal houses in the next two weeks because they are quarantined in Spain (where they travelled illegally).

The Belgian court is of course highly embarrassed by events, claiming that the young Prince had travelled to Spain for a ‘stage.’ For normal citizens, the Belgian borders are currently closed, as is the case in most European countries.

The Spanish government of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, which installed one of the harshest lockdowns on it’s population over the past three months, is highly critical of the aristocratic party being organized.

Rafaela Valenzuela, a representative of the Spanish government in Córdoba, condemned the party, calling those who attended “irresponsible”.

“I feel surprised and angry. An incident of this type stands out at a moment of national mourning for so many dead.”

Royal scandals during lockdown

Unfortunately for European royals, this scandal is not the first one experienced during the many months of lockdown. Citizens have had to read up on numerous transgressions and errors in the past weeks.

Over in the UK, Prince Charles attracted Covid-19 and got tested whilst he only had mild symptoms. Many at that moment wondered why the NHS workers were unable to get such tests.

In Sweden, the general public reacted with horror to find out that King Gustavsson had bought himself a nice birthday present during lockdown, a BMW 8 coupé worth $165,000. The royals are paid with tax dollars in Sweden.

Famous Swedish TV-host Gunnar Rehlin started the debate by saying: “We are in a crisis. Businesses go bankrupt. People are losing their jobs. Famine threatens a number of countries. And the king buys a car for 1.7 million. A proper role model”.

Lastly, in Germany people couldn’t travel during lockdown, but many were outraged to learn that the King of Thailand was able to rent a complete hotel to spend the lockdown with a 20-female harem.


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