Want To Save Money On Your 2020 Barcelona Summer Holiday?

With the lockdown measures easing in Continental Europe, Spain will try to salvage what it can from the 2020 tourist season apparently.

As from the end of June, beginning of July, tourists from the rest of Europe are to be welcomed again to the popular costas, on the islands and in the major cities and the vast interior.

“Tourists, Spain expects you, in safe conditions,” Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said during his weekly address on Spanish television.

Most low cost airlines already offer flights to Spain on their websites. Low cost airlines Ryanair and Easyjet will fly again as from June 24 and July 1 respectively. In principle at this moment the restrictions that are now in force will then still apply: only Spaniards and people who have a valid reason to enter the country can do so.

Only when the whole of Spain has completely exited the lockdown, which is expected as from June 21st and the Spaniards themselves can travel freely through the country, foreign tourists are to be welcomed again.

Deputy Prime Minister Teresa Ribera said yesterday in an interview in the newspaper El Periódico that a kind of safe “travel corridors” to islands such as the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands can be opened immediately.

As always, Barcelona will take the brunt of holidaymakers as it is a fast flight and offers both sandy beaches and a lot of culture. However, expect prices to have gone up. Therefore, take at heart these tips to save some money on your 2020 Barcelona summer holiday.

How to save costs? Tips for breakfast, beach chairs, umbrellas and taxis

With these measures in place, it is clear that hotels will try to salvage what is left of the holiday season. Breakfast buffets are a big nono and so people will be overcharged for breakfast in bed, neatly packed in plastic or cardboard boxes.

With most of the spring months gone without any revenue, it is to be expected that some hotel prices for services might rise due to corona-measures being put in place.

You could therefore look up some of the nearby cafes and restaurants which serve a cheap breakfast as from 9am in the morning, before you head to the beach. On your first day of arrival, we advise you to take a stroll near the Barcelona beach and note where there are places like this near your hotel.

Beach Chairs and umbrellas

Last year, Barcelona for example charged tourists 15 euro for the daily usage of a beach lounger and the same for an umbrella. With the corona measures in place and the need of many Europeans for some fun and sun after two months of lockdown, it is to be expected that the tourists will be squeezed like a lemon and that these prices will have skyrocketed.

Therefore, one way to save costs this year is to buy your beach furniture (if you need any) over there itself.

Given that you can buy these chairs yourself in any major supermarket not too far from the beach, we advise you to take a hotel near the Barcelona beaches and just carry a locally purchased chair with you to the hotel. These chairs are foldable and if you only need to walk a kilometer to your hotel, you can easily carry it with you if you are a couple.

If you think a chair is too much, at least get yourself an umbrella. They are for sale in supermarkets as from 10 euro whilst on the beach you are charged 15 euro daily for the usage of it. You can easily keep it in your hotel room and trash it in a bin or give it to a local on your last day.

Departure taxis

Most people will want to enjoy their 2020 holidays to the fullest and leave with an evening flight in order to enjoy a last day of sunny beaches. Barcelona taxi drivers know this and thus you are more likely to be overcharged on the way to the airport rather than from the airport.

In order to avoid this, be sure to agree with others from your hotel who leave on the same day to share a taxi with another couple. Four people and four small luggage suitcases are allowed in a Barcelona taxi and you can then split the tab.

Have fun in the sun and keep it safe.

Main picture credit: https://www.wallpaperflare.com/spain-barcelona-barcelona-beach-people-no-clouds-beaches-wallpaper-eegdr


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