White Lines – What Is The ‘Ibiza-gate’ Political Scandal?

With White Lines, the newest series by the Spanish creator of La Casa de Papel (or ‘Money Heist’ as it is known to English speakers) trending on Netflix, the party island of Ibiza is once again front and center in entertainment publications.

The story revolves around an unsolved mystery and thus as the series progresses, many people will be typing ‘Ibiza mystery’ into their browsers to find out what it is all about.

One European country that won’t like this so much is Austria, which was at the forefront of the infamous ‘Ibiza-gate’ political scandal last year, which involved it’s deputy prime minister, a villa in sunny Ibiza and several Russian, shall we say, entertainment ladies.

We’re going to Ibiza

Hello party people, this is captain Kim Speaking. Welcome aboard Venga airways. After take-off we’ll pump up the sound system because we’re going to Ibiza.

Kompromat. Everyone learned of the term when the media focused back in 2017on the alleged Golden Shower tape that Russian President Vladimir Putin purportedly had obtained of US President Trump being visited by 2 prostitutes in a luxurious Moscow hotel suite.

In Austria, the term popped up in May of 2019, when the leadership of the far-right FPÖ learned exactly what the term meant during the Ibiza scandal which toppled them.

My spouse and I travelled to the small Balearic island Ibiza back in July of 2016 for a few days. After having heard so much about the party island, we decided to have a look ourselves.

I can confirm the rumors are true. The island consists of beaches, nightclubs and pumping house beats. Combine this with businessmen with too much money and luxury yachts, and you’ve got the perfect place for a sting operation, which is just what the Russians did.

A few months after the Russian President was showed schmoozing with Austrian politicians at the wedding of Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl, she all of a sudden cancelled her planned trip to Moscow after the Austrian secret service arrested a Russian army colonel for spying.

The Austrian government warned the Kremlin this would place a serious burden on the bilateral relations between Austria and Russia.

The Russians got back at the Austrians in May of 2019. All of a sudden, a secretly filmed videotape was published by German magazine Der Spiegel. It showed a villa in Ibiza, where (in 2017) several female Russians, some clearly there to entertain the men in the room, were discussing terms of possible bribery and corruption with two Austrian politicians. The best known man in the room was Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Crhistian Strache, the head of the far-right FPÖ.

Mr Strache explained to an off-camera Russian businesswoman how influence can be bought for any amount between 500,000 and two million euro should his party win the 2018 election (which they did).

Memes of the video were widespread both in Germany and Austria, and one internet savant uploaded the movie to to Pornhub and entitled it Ibiza Casting Couch: 2 dumb whiteboys think they get $$$ but get fucked in ass instead. It got more than a million hits.

The political opposition requested Mr Strache’s resignation which he gave on 18 May 2019, explaining in his apologetic press conference that it was typically alcohol-induced macho talk, in which, yes, I was probably trying to impress the attractive hostess. I behaved boastfully, like a teenager, and acted embarrassingly over the top.

The Austrian government called for snap elections after the FPÖ left the government two days later.

In the end, it was the Austrian youth who made sure the far-right party became the pun of a joke. Thanks to a crowdsurfing campaign and social media, they streamed the 1990s Europop hit We’re going to Ibiza by the Dutch band Vengaboys to the top of the charts in their country.

It was played outside of the Austrian parliament for days on end. On the day of the opposition’s biggest protest, 30 May, they had Vengaboys flown over from the Netherlands. The group performed the song in front of thousands of delirious Austrians in the central Vienna square, happy to see the FPÖ go thanks to Russian kompromat.

Main picture credit: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier:Brian_Cross_with_Pop_Star_dancers.jpg


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