German Supermarket Customers Fight Police Over Face Mask Obligation (Video)

The obligatory wearing of a face mask in public life remains a contentious issue in Europe. For some, the covering of your face equals the lessening of your freedom as a human being whilst for others it is meant to protect them from spreading the Coronavirus

In Germany, the decision has been left to the responsibility of the respectable states by Chancellor Angela Merkel. Although these various state governors interpret the rules sometimes differently, it was to be understood that face masks were obligatory in all supermarkets.

Troisdorf supermarket

In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, this led to some confusion as this video from a Troisdorf supermarket shows.

It would appear that two customers had entered the supermarket without a face mask, an obligation in the state. The owner called police who reminded them to do so. At first, the pair have a discussion with the police but as the second man refuses to show his identity documents, the confrontation turns nasty.

One of the customers can be seen punching the police officer and the brawl turns into a fight during which pepper spray is used and one nose is broken.

Both police officers were left with minor injuries afterwards.

Face Mask Obligation

Germany follows in the footsteps of a string of European countries where mask-wearing is now compulsory, including Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Chancellor Angela Merkel had previously “strongly recommended” wearing masks in public.

However, federal states decided to make the rules stricter. There are some regional differences, with some regions having an expanded list of requirements for wearing a mask.


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