UK government epidemiologist broke lockdown rules to invite mistress

Well, who would have thought? Whereas most European onlookers always assumed it would be the open-relationship-minded French who were eager to break the lockdown rules to invite their relevant mistresses, it now seems this has also slipped into the UK’s governmental habits.

British newspapers are keen to report how Professor Neil Ferguson resigned from the UK government’s Covid advisory board after it was discovered that he invited his married mistress on a bi-weekly basis to ‘see’ him during lockdown.

Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist teaching at Imperial College London, is one of the prominent members of the SAGE crisis team, the advisers who provide scientific advice to the UK government.

In a statement offering his resignation, he admits that he made an “estimation error.” “I accept that I made a mistake and acted wrongly.”

Visits by married woman

Professor Ferguson broke the rules of social distancing to meet his mistress, a married woman, according to research by the British tabloid press. According to them, this is striking, because the scientist had just shut himself off from the outside world for two weeks after he had tested positive for the coronavirus.

“I acted in the belief that I was immune, tested positive for the coronavirus, and completely isolated myself for almost two weeks after getting the symptoms,” the professor explained his behavior. He had his girlfriend come over twice a week, who had to travel straight through the British capital.

The epidemiologist is a well-known figure in the United Kingdom. At the British university, he led a team that carried out an important investigation into the coronavirus. That study, which claimed that more than a quarter of a million Britons would die from the corona virus if the government failed to take strict measures, led to the country’s partial lockdown.

Iain Duncan Smith, former retirement secretary, is outraged that Ferguson is breaking the rules. “Scientists like him have told us that we shouldn’t socialize. He has violated his own guidelines in a special way, and I find it very hard to believe for an intelligent man. This threatens to undermine the government’s message. ”

Late lockdown

The UK went into lockdown on March 23, later than most other major European countries. The number of fatalities from the coronavirus has risen to the highest number of deaths reported in Europe to date, according to data published.



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