Germans protest Thai king’s 20-women harem in luxury Bayern hotel

German democracy activists have staged a protest outside the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in Bayern, where King Vajiralongkorn of Thailand has moved in with his harem of 20 women about a month ago.

They projected images on the hotel walls, asking why ‘Thailand needs a king who lives in Germany’ and asking him to ‘stop torture’ in his country.

It comes amid growing tension in Germany as restaurants, hotels and cafes are losing billions in revenue due to the lockdown measures but there is uneasiness about the Thai royalty being able to travel freely in Europe. As the reporter of Bild, Germany’s largest newspaper, states in the beginning of her report, vacation is not allowed for Germans at this moment, but the government allows for the King of Thailand to take vacation in Bayern.

With some $60 billion the Thai king is one of the richest monarchs in the world, and in his own country is forbidden by law to criticize him.

The government of German Chancellor Merkel allowed for the Thai king, who mostly has a ceremonial function, to move into an alpine resort (where a floor was fully rented out for him), together with a harem of some 20 women. He’s given all of them a military rank, either captain or major. The group has been there for over a month now, awaiting the end of the coronavirus pandemic probably.  

Two days ago, one of the king’s 3 personal Boeing 737 planes flew him together with his harem from Munich to Zurich for a day of shopping as the stores in Switzerland have already reopened.

He afterwards headed back to the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in the Bavarian resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where he still lives with his harem of around 20 women, known in the German press as the SAS (the sex-soldatinnen). It is estimated that in April he spent 4 days in Thailand and the rest of the time in Germany.

Joe Rogan discussed the situation in one of his episodes last month. The conversation starts as from 4.30 minutes into the video hereunder.



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