Dutch police arrests dozens of lockdown protesters (Video)

The protests against the Covid-19 lockdowns and subsequent economic suffering are growing on a daily basis now in Europe.

Germany has already seen many of these, and now hundreds of people are also showing up in The Netherlands on a weekly basis to demand a return to normal.

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The political heart of the Netherlands, the city of The Hague ended up arresting dozens of protesters who had gathered on the Koekamp square next to city’s Central Station to demonstrate.

According to a police spokesperson the arrested were “not listening to the police or the mayor. We have arrested maybe more than 20 or 30 people. They have been taken to the police station”

The Dutch police, on horseback in some cases, was forced to disperse hundreds of protesters asking for a stop to imposed social distancing measures.

The protest of about 200 people, which had initially been allowed to go ahead by The Hague’s acting mayor, Johan Remkes, was ordered to disperse after the crowds had grown too large to adhere to the 1.5 meter social distancing rules.

Protestors could be seen carrying Dutch flags and shouting at the police, whilst chanting “where’s our freedom.”

Utrecht and Amsterdam

A similar protest against the Covid-19 measures drew a crowd of over a hundred people in the village of De Meern earlier in the week. Over there, people could be seen huddling together and wearing shirts and flags stating ‘Stop lockdown’.

Smaller protests also took place in other cities all over the country, like Amsterdam (in front of the National Monument on Dam Square) and Utrecht.


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