Germany organizes 500 people ‘social distancing’ techno rave (Video)

Well of course it was the Germans who were able to organize a 500-people rave whilst respecting social distancing rules. As other European countries are just easing their lockdowns, the Germans are already taking it to the next level and have organized a party.

It is of course a known fact that the Germans (as well as the Dutch, the Austrians and the Swiss) are all fond of a good techno rave, and even the coronavirus and the country’s social distancing rules couldn’t stop them from organizing a first clubbing night.

You’ve heard of drive-in movies. Well the Germans just turned that into drive-in discos. These videos are from a party in Lower Saxony over the weekend . Police say everyone kept to coronavirus social distancing rules with only two people per car.

The only visible trouble afterwards was that 10 car batteries died during the event as several DJ’s urged everyone to honk their horns.

Club Index, in the German town of Schüttorf close to the border with the Netherlands, found an innovative way around the social distancing rules by hosting the drive-in rave. Social media commentaries were so positive that everyone afterwards said they couldn’t wait for the next one.

The club opened its car park to 250 cars, each allowing two people inside, giving 500 ravers the opportunity to experience live club music for the first time in months.


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