Ukrainian lockdown horror as stressed mother murders teen daughter (Video)

The stress that the lockdowns are pouring on families being forced to live together 24 hours on end is not to be underestimated. Previous reporting in several European countries had highlighted the fact that various women were experiencing increased levels of violence.

In China, data revealed that many families had applied for divorce as soon as lockdowns were lifted.

Many commentators are convinced that the prolonged lockdowns in France, Spain, the UK and Italy will have similar effects. In Eastern Europe meanwhile, some lockdowns are much harsher and levels of inter-family violence have increased.

Screenshot Bild (Germany’s largest newspaper) reads: Horror act in Ukraine – Naked woman carries severed head of daughter in plastic bag.

In Ukraine, where 8% have by now lost their jobs and the government extended the lockdown for another week, a mother and daughter seemed to have squabbled so much that it ended quite tragically.

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The mother, clearly in a state of shock, dismembered her own daughter and then walked around naked in the streets carrying the severed head in a plastic bag.

Police in the city of Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, intervened after receiving calls from the neighbors and are now investigating the gruesome case. The mother, known as 38-year-old Tatiana Pyanova, has been accused of murdering her 13-year-old daughter Kristina.

Link to video of arrest – warning graphic

She was detained on Friday morning, May 1, after found walking naked in the streets. She carried a long blade in one hand and a see-through plastic bag in the other containing her daughter’s severed head.

An official Ukrainian police report stated that: “When they arrived at the scene, police found a citizen in an inadequate condition. In one hand she held a knife, in the other a package containing a severed female head. The woman refused to explain anything to police officers.”


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