John McAfee bets anyone $1,000 that Covid-19 is a ‘non-event by mid-May’

The enigmatic founder of the anti-malware software which bears his name has always had a flair for getting into the world media with his quotes. This time round, it happened just as McAfee was touting his new own cryptocurrency called Ghost, which banks high on privacy.

Seen as a possible rival to Monero, Dash and other coins that are designed for anonymity, McAfee stated that his crypto would ‘make you nothing but a ghost when transacting online!’

As he has been accused of tax evasion in the past, there is of course no better specialist on the matter than McAfee himself.

The gun-loving millionaire also spoke at length about the quarantine orders affecting many in the US reminding everyone that ‘at one point in my life I lived with seven women. Thank God Quarantine didn’t happen at that time.’

As to the spread of the coronavirus, McAfee stated that: ‘Covid-19 will be a virtual non event by mid-May … Even in Countries like Sweden which are not on lockdown. Ok then … It’s only a month away. I will bet any and all $1,000 That I’m right.’

This is not the first time McAfee launches a crypto project or touts anything in the blockchain sphere. At a certain time in 2017, McAfee claimed he would eat his own manhood on live television if Bitcoin didn’t hit $500,000 by the end of 2020. He later revised that prediction to $1,000,000 — he was that confident.

He has, luckily for himself, reversed from his position since, calling the then prediction a “ruse” to onboard new users into the cryptocurrency space.

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