Nerves? Spanish police arrest naked blonde on Corona lockdown day 28 (Video)

The nerves of the Spanish population are by now clearly stretched to the maximum. Although some ‘essential workers,’ such as factory personnel and builders were allowed to return to their places of business, the majority of the population remains in a stringent lockdown and are not even allowed to go out of their house (except for going to get groceries or walking a pet).

This unnamed 41-year-old blonde in the resort town of Torremolinos clearly had enough of these strict measures and decided to go out.

John McAfee bets anyone $1,000 that Covid-19 is a ‘non-event by mid-May’

Spanish press details that she was first arrested after neighbors alerted police to a woman streaking during the daily round of applause for emergency workers in the Costa del Sol resort.


She was released after being arrested a first time and then took it one step further, taking her clothes off, dancing on top of a police car and running away from the police who tried to take her in again.

Onlookers of course filmed the whole ordeal from their apartments.

The video is widely shared on Spanish social media.

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  1. 60kg woman, clearly without weapon, is struck by two police officers’ steel sticks while their third officer has her in his grips. What does that say about the police in Spain ?

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