Covid-19 – netizens wonder how many really died in China?

As the world grapples ever further with the outbreak of Covid-19, more and more people in the US and Europe are starting to wonder whether the reported Chinese death rate can be accurate. With some 3,000 reported deaths, the Chinese population of 1.6 billion now has about as much fatalities from the virus as the Netherlands, which has a population of …. 17 million? Either that means that the Netherlands quickly needs to do something about the abhorrent state of their hospitals, that the Dutch are one of the unhealthiest people in the world or…. that the figures from China are not too accurate.

It appears that China is making the magnitude of the coronavirus outbreak look a lot rosier than it actually is. The country reported fewer infections and deaths than there really were, the US intelligence agency CIA recently concluded on the basis of a secret report.

The report was reportedly received by the White House last week. But neither the US nor China respond to the situation. The report said the US news agency Bloomberg said the numbers on contamination and deaths in China were intentionally kept low.

CIA officials told the White House that China is vastly understating both Covid-19 deaths and cases in the same way financiers worldwide accept it has for decades routinely manipulated its GDP data to maintain a consistently positive narrative.

Chinese dissident Jennifer Zeng, who has monitored the outbreak through contacts within the country, said:

‘Many sources told us Wuhan was preparing to build 15 more makeshift hospitals to cope with the number of victims. But after President Xi’s visit, officials suddenly declared hospital patients should be sent home.

‘Patients were released without being properly diagnosed and tested. They wanted the city to re­open for economic activity, so they just pretended the virus was totally under control. But we have seen videos of bodies being moved at night, people collapsing in the street, and we’ve heard from hospitals with 100 victims in the past week.’

‘The figure of 3,000 deaths is absolute b******t. Based on the world average and Italy’s ratio, I believe there have been dozens of thousands of deaths at least. It is possible there have been hundreds of thousands of deaths.’

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