New World Order after Corona : India instead of China?

Henry Kissinger, the US secretary of state under Richard Nixon, recently commented on the global effects of the Coronavirus. He claims world rulers must prepare now to transition to a post-coronavirus world order.

In doing so, Mr Kissinger easily mentioned his 2018 non-fiction masterpiece with the same title: world order. In it, her was able to analyze the state of the western powers and how they communicate with each other; Just as many, he then predicted that the 21st century would be an Asian one, most likely China’s.

Coronavirus seems to have changed all that though. It now seems consumers will favor other Asian nation’s goods over China’s after all is said and done.

The long term planners in Beijing had been busy plotting what to do next now that it is likely that western consumers will need someone to blame for all this death and (economic) destruction afterwards. The great number of twitter bots backing accounts set up by Communist party members and loyalists (Jack Ma, anyone) was truly impressive, but would only have worked if western powers would be out of this mess at the same timeframe China seems to be.

That is highly unlikely though. With New York already shutting schools until September, even the summer holidays of the first world seems a foregone conclusion.

People will be upset, not only for lost relatives and having to stay indoors for longer than anyone would want, but also for the lost time.

For, as Gordon Gekko reminded us all in Wall Street 2: Time is the only commodity worth anything during our time on this earth.

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